Friday, March 30, 2012

In a bind

This quilt is all done except for the binding.

There are so many prints in here.
I'm having trouble choosing my binding.
I really want a cute pink stripe
but I can't seem to find the right one.
So I'm thinking about Running Stitches in Raspberry

But I'll need to order it since I don't have enough.

I know I said I was officially on a fabric "diet" 
since my most recent spree but I ordered this stack last night.
I simply could not stop myself!

Normally, I like to choose my own fabrics.
But I just fell in love with this stack.  
Fabricworm sure knows how to pick 'em.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

So many babies

Remember these?

I finally decided what they were to become.

So many of my friends and Sisters in Law are having babies!
4 of them are having girls.

I have a lot of work to do!

*oh, looks like I missed a spot*

I won't say who this particular quilt is for.
But I will tell you that I used up almost all of 
my most beloved scraps to make it.
True love, baby!

Now off to do some top stitching....

p.s. I'm linking up with From the Blue Chair today

Monday, March 26, 2012

Free Motion Class

I took an amazing Free Motion Class 
last week at my local Bernina shop.

Renae Allen teaches all over at Quilt shows and shops.
She has a pretty slick system!
Look at this cheater panel you can use for practice.

Just look at all of the different techniques.
I don't know about you but I am terrible at feathers!
In my class, I was provided with this panel and book set below.

We learned how to fill in the blocks and negative spaces as well.
I'm still working on my panel.
I'll post pics when it's done.
In her book she shows you 12 different possibilities 
for classic blocks like the Dresden Plate and Sawtooth

I really REALLY enjoyed this class!
I always try to take any and every free motion class I can find.
Essentially, it all comes down to practice, practice, practice.
If you don't live nearby you can buy all of these products on her website.
I think they are well worth it!

Wednesday, March 21, 2012


I had so much fun making this quilt!

Simple patchwork is so...well... simple and rewarding, isn't it?

And this wavy line technique is really fun and fast!
You might be seeing a lot of that around here :-)

I'm tempted to disguise myself for the auction and 
bring this quilt home with me! 

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

On a roll

I have been working on this cute little quilt for the last day or so.
It's for a youth auction in my area.
All of the proceeds will go towards the youth camps 
that my kids attend during the summer with our church.

I bought these fabrics from Fabricworm ages ago.
This is my 3rd small-ish quilt I've made from this stack.
I'll be soooo sad when it's all gone!

Okay, now pay attention....

I have had a lot of fun quilting it too.
Bijou Lovely just posted this short video of her wavy line technique
Which I love!

It is most def worth a few minutes of your time!

Also, my batting scraps were getting out of control.
So I grabbed some of this...

It's basically amazing

You just iron it on
It fuses your batting together quick and easy.
Heat Press Batting Together
Can be found on Amazon and at most local craft stores

That's all :-)

Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just beautiful!

This gorgeous picture 
was in my inbox this morning!

Tavia, who sadly does not have a blog, 
made this quilt for her Mother
using my Nina pattern.

I love Tavia's quilt so much!
I just had to share.
And what a gorgeous picture too.
I have to say that my favorite thing about designing patterns 
is seeing what other people do with them.
Creativity is endless.  
And we all have our own interpretation.

Natalie over at Craftin Mechanic whipped up 2 quilt tops just last week 
(one of them has been finished to completion!) with my Katie and Max patterns.

Dang, she's fast!
Go here to see her work

Thursday, March 15, 2012

What will you do?

I finished quilting this quilt last week.
I did the binding early this week.
I used some Modern Whimsy circles for the binding.
I'm still trying to decide if it was the right call.
I'll show you more pictures soon.
But I love this quilt so much 
she needs a proper photo shoot!

My Flea Market Fancy stash came, yay.
I actually have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet.
I might just hoard it for the rest of my days
because I'm terrified to cut into it!

I've also learned that The Modern Quilt Guild is putting on 
their first ever conference in February of 2013.


This conference will feature Denyse Scmidt, Elizabeth Hartman,
 Anna Maria Horner and many many more.
I would just die to attend!

Also The Sewing Summit is coming back to Salt Lake City

Sewing Summit

I attended last year and really enjoyed myself.
Jeni Baker, Amy Ellis, Emily Herrick will be teaching classes among others.

So....since these conferences are only 4 short months apart
which one will you attend?
One? Both? None?

I gotta be honest, I am leaning towards QuiltCon
since I did the Sewing Summit last year.
I'm sweating bullets just typing that!
Maybe I shouldn't make such a public declaration.

Anyone wanna go with me?

Monday, March 12, 2012

I just can't stop!

Lately I have been on a buying streak!
Here's some snippets of my lovelies....

Brights make me so happy!
I just knew my life wasn't complete without these:
Running Stitches by Patty Young
Modern Whimsy Circles
Heather Bailey Pop Garden Roses
(I can't get enough of these!  I always need more)
And 4 YARDS of Sarah Fielke's Orange Stripe.  
I can't risk running out of this favorite!

And what stash wouldn't be complete without some Pezzy Print???

And I finally broke down and bought some Ruby!
When it first came out I was going through the old 
"I'm not buying anymore fabric until I've used up the tons and tons I already have."
Clearly, I'm done with that.
I know I would regret it if I didn't have some.

And I juuuussssttt might have bought a whole lot of Flea Market Fancy
but it's not here yet.

Somebody Stop Me!

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Line upon line...

I am topstitching a quilt this week
one long slow line at a time....

It's going to take me forever!
I have been listening to the second book in the Outlander series.

But even with a great book to keep me entertained 
I find myself getting antsy
So I have bargained with myself.
I'm going to work on only 2 sections everyday.
Hopefully I'll be done by the week's end.

Wish me luck 
and a decent attention span!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Quick and Easy

Maybe you know this about me already 
but I'm a big fan of quick and easy!
I don't spend an entire year, or even months for that matter, on any quilt.
Every quilt in my house gets used and abused!
And I love it!

The complicated quilts are always the last to get chosen 
when everyone reaches for a movie blanket.
Lesson learned.
The simpler the better!

Hudson's quilt is so cute and so very simple.
Anyone could whip this up in one sitting.
I just had to share some details.

You'll need:
1/8 yard cuts (6 or 7)
1 1/4 yard solid
1/2 yard for inner border
1 yard for your border

Before you start cutting, iron and starch 
your fabrics really well!  

  • Cut your eighth yard cuts into random strips varying from 1.5" to 2.5" wide by 42-44" long. 
  • Cut your solid into 3" wide by 42-44" long strips (I used 13 of these)
  • Once they're all cut trim them down so they are all the exact same length.  For instance, if all of your strips are 42"long the will sew together beautifully.  If they are not the same length your quilt will have irregularities like puckers and unsightly curves.
  • Sew all of your strips together beginning and ending with your solid 3" strips (pictured below)
  • Iron as you go.  It will save you a ton of frustration.
Now it's time to add your inner border

Grab your inner border fabric and cut it into 2" strips.
Speaking of quick and easy, this is my favorite method for borders...

This method is so quick and easy and produces fantastic corners!

You just can't get clean corners like this if you don't measure.

Now grab your second border fabric and cut it into 6.5" strips

Using the same method, add your second border.
Aaaaaand, You're done!
And it didn't even take you more than one afternoon.

Sandwich, Quilt, Bind and Snuggle!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

A new sewing table

It's my husband's day off today.
I wrangled him into helping me build a new sewing table.
It wasn't actually that hard.
He's a project kind of guy :-)

Were using these plans from this amazing website!
We did shave off some of the length though.
The finished size will be about 76" long x 30" wide.
Lots and lots of work space!

Eventually I want to add an extension off the back side (sort of like below)
 so I can spread out for Free Motion Quilting.

This is also another great building plan for someone who has limited sewing space.  
The legs fold up and the extensions tuck away nice and neat.

I already have a very sturdy sewing table that I have used for years.
But it wasn't all that big.
I wanted my kids to feel like they could come in and draw or color.

The total cost of this table was right around $100.
It could have been done for less but I really wanted to use a great quality of wood.
We got it done in just over 3 hours.
I'll post more pictures once she's all lacquered up!