Saturday, March 17, 2012

Just beautiful!

This gorgeous picture 
was in my inbox this morning!

Tavia, who sadly does not have a blog, 
made this quilt for her Mother
using my Nina pattern.

I love Tavia's quilt so much!
I just had to share.
And what a gorgeous picture too.
I have to say that my favorite thing about designing patterns 
is seeing what other people do with them.
Creativity is endless.  
And we all have our own interpretation.

Natalie over at Craftin Mechanic whipped up 2 quilt tops just last week 
(one of them has been finished to completion!) with my Katie and Max patterns.

Dang, she's fast!
Go here to see her work


  1. that is a very beautiful picture! why doesn't she have a blog?? love the other quilt too. i love your patterns. i need to buy some more!

    1. i just read that and realized i said it was a beautiful picture but didn't say how pretty the quilt is! very beautiful picture and quilt!

    2. Hey girl, I knew what you meant :-) And seriously, she needs a blog. She does amazing work!

  2. Thanks for the shout out Lu! I really loved making that one. Wow that Nina Looks amazing! I need to try that one out too.

  3. I love what she did with your nina pattern. Gorgeous!
    And I love Natalies too. Beautiful xxx

  4. love that quilt and picture - so clean and crisp! perfect for spring. and goodness that natalie is speedy!

  5. I will send you photos of my Nina quilt as soon as its done. I am in the process of quilting it. You can see photos of it in progress over at: