Monday, March 26, 2012

Free Motion Class

I took an amazing Free Motion Class 
last week at my local Bernina shop.

Renae Allen teaches all over at Quilt shows and shops.
She has a pretty slick system!
Look at this cheater panel you can use for practice.

Just look at all of the different techniques.
I don't know about you but I am terrible at feathers!
In my class, I was provided with this panel and book set below.

We learned how to fill in the blocks and negative spaces as well.
I'm still working on my panel.
I'll post pics when it's done.
In her book she shows you 12 different possibilities 
for classic blocks like the Dresden Plate and Sawtooth

I really REALLY enjoyed this class!
I always try to take any and every free motion class I can find.
Essentially, it all comes down to practice, practice, practice.
If you don't live nearby you can buy all of these products on her website.
I think they are well worth it!


  1. oh thanks for the info. i borrowed a similar cheater panel from one of my co workers but i either don't know how to use my new free motion foot or my machine is not cut out for quilting. i don't have a stitch regulator which i think is part of the problem. i'm also sure i'm just new at this and need to practice more. that is cool you are doing it! thanks for the motivation. looks like fun.

    what kind of machine do you have?


  2. I need this class. I am so so bad at FMQ

  3. Very cool. I'd love to learn how to FMQ

  4. how is the practicing going? i put my free motion foot on my sewing machine yesterday and practiced writing for a little while. it is amazing how much easier it is when you remember to put your feed dogs down!