Thursday, March 15, 2012

What will you do?

I finished quilting this quilt last week.
I did the binding early this week.
I used some Modern Whimsy circles for the binding.
I'm still trying to decide if it was the right call.
I'll show you more pictures soon.
But I love this quilt so much 
she needs a proper photo shoot!

My Flea Market Fancy stash came, yay.
I actually have no idea what I'm going to do with it yet.
I might just hoard it for the rest of my days
because I'm terrified to cut into it!

I've also learned that The Modern Quilt Guild is putting on 
their first ever conference in February of 2013.


This conference will feature Denyse Scmidt, Elizabeth Hartman,
 Anna Maria Horner and many many more.
I would just die to attend!

Also The Sewing Summit is coming back to Salt Lake City

Sewing Summit

I attended last year and really enjoyed myself.
Jeni Baker, Amy Ellis, Emily Herrick will be teaching classes among others.

So....since these conferences are only 4 short months apart
which one will you attend?
One? Both? None?

I gotta be honest, I am leaning towards QuiltCon
since I did the Sewing Summit last year.
I'm sweating bullets just typing that!
Maybe I shouldn't make such a public declaration.

Anyone wanna go with me?


  1. I love the binding! I have yet to purchase some flea market fancy. That would be so cool if you went to quiltcon. Jealous!

  2. Your quilt looks gorgeous. Can't wait to see it all.
    And I'd love to go with you.....except I'm not in the right country :o)

  3. From your sneak peek I think the binding looks great! And all that quilting looks fun, too. Both Sewing Summit and QuiltCon sound like so much fun. I won't make it to either one, but I can't wait to hear what everyone else has to say about them!

  4. You have to go to Sewing Summit! I'm going this year ;) nah, Quilt Con sounds if you don't go to Sewing Summit we will have to get together for dinner while I'm there!

  5. the quilt looks wonderful and the fabric is amazing! sounds like a wonderful conference - something else for down the road when the little people in my house are a bit bigger. :)

  6. I'm going to both! Already booked rooms and will book flights as the time gets closer. Mr. R wants to go to Austin, so we are both going to QuiltCon. Please go to both. You don't have to travel to SS!
    ps...your quilt looks fantastic!

  7. full reveal! full reveal! full reveal! ;) i am planning on going to sewing summit. hoping it works since i am going to atlanta in june to sew with some super fun friends! ;)

  8. If I lived closer, I would totally go with you. Maybe in a couple of years? Oh and we just may be in town for the summer!!!
    PS, the quilt is gorgeous and I am dying to see more of please!

  9. I live in Texas and plan on going to QuiltCon. I will go with you (if you'd have me :) )
    xoxo, Anna Joy