Wednesday, January 30, 2013

BFQQ Giveaway

Today my quilt is being featured over at

They are doing some really great giveaway's to 
promote their new issue.

Today they are giving away a two FQ bundle's!
Hop on over and check it out...

In the meantime, I'm just finishing up
this quilt that I've been working on.

Oh how I love Joel Dewberry!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

2 Finishes + 1 Freak Out

I finished these two quilts just in time for Christmas.
First up, my brother-in-law's
Single Guy Quilt!
made from this pattern.

This is seriously one of my all time favorite's!
I suppose I really am a simple gal.
I gush over clean lines and fabulous colors!

For the back I used up my stash of Loulouthi Flannel.
It is the softest, most scrumptious flannel 
that ever ran through my machine.

Next up, a quilt for my Mom...
This quilt was a beast to photograph in it's entirety!
Made using this pattern.

I really loved the herringbone binding.
Navy blue has been calling my name lately!

Since I pulled this quilt right from the dryer and 
immediately wrapped it this is the best picture I snapped of it.
Yes I know it's upside down, argh!

Now my legacy is complete.
If I die walking down the street today every household 
in my family can say that I made them a lovely quilt.
So morbid!

And lastly, I try so hard to keep my distractions
to a minimum because I have a big family who needs me.
I don't really do anything with Instagram, Facebook, yaddee yadda...
because I want to be available.
But every now and then I look up from my sewing machine
(dishes, laundry....pick your poison)
and I see that my kids are growing up at hyper speed.
Sappy but oh so true!

Grandma and B

Just yesterday this kid was running around in a diaper.
Today, he is towering over all of us!
Next year he'll be walking the halls of the high school 
with his size 12 shoes.
He's only 13!
When did this happen???
That's all.

*kona grass, lime, and white. Heath in gray.  Shot cotton in Aegean*
*Kona snow, sand.  Joel Dewberry Modern Meadow assorted.  And some other random pieces that I don't recall *

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Long time.... post!
We had a lovely Christmas break filled with movies, food and family.
Just the way it should be.
I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas break as well :-)
I got a special present on Christmas Day.

This magazine came out .....

featuring one of my very own quilts! :-)
It's soooo fun to see it in print!

The idea of pinks, corals and mustards was largely inspired 
by my friend Toni's baby girl.

My daughter has since been seen wrapped up in this quilt 
for nearly the entire Christmas break!

My kids go back to school tomorrow
and I'll be diving into a custom Shelby.
I am very excited for this New Year!