Wednesday, August 31, 2011

A different AFTER...

My cabinets aren't ready to show their pretty little faces yet.  
But they look Goo-ood!
Apparently the paint has to cure for 1-2 weeks
before we can put everything back inside.
Why I chose the first week of school to tear our kitchen apart I have no idea!

So here is a different BEFORE and AFTER that was super fun.
Here is our downstairs family room when we first moved in....

We have this lovely denim couch that we will likely never replace.
I mean you should just see all of the jumping and hanging around that takes place on these couches.
It's total abuse!  
We have decided to never put nice couches downstairs.  Ever.

And aren't these holes in the wall behind the couch super attractive???
I mean, can you even tell what they are?

So here's what we did...

We framed out a cute little playhouse that says "come in and play!"

And added a faux chandelier from from this darling store.

And how do you jazz up an old faded couch?
I don't know, but I added some super bright pillows.
And 2 rectangular leather ottoman's so everyone can put their feet up.

Most of the fabrics I used are from Company C.  
i LOVE that they sell fabrics by the yard!!
They are super expensive so I have a little trick....
Buy the 27" fabric swatch for way cheaper.
You can use this piece for the front of your pillow.  
Then back it with a high contrasting linen.
(you can kind of get a glimpse on the turquoise toile pillow above)

Now all that's left to do is paint the walls.
Ha, I sometimes do things completely and totally backwards.
Oh well :-)

Monday, August 22, 2011


I'm not spending any time with my sewing machine this week.
Since all of the kids are back in school it seems like the perfect time to finish our kitchen overhaul that we started a few months ago.
It's a BIG job!


No, that's not my ugly rug or plastic grapevine's overhead.
This picture was taken by the previous owners when they lived in the home.
That's a whole lotta orange-ish wood!


That's right friends!  I'm painting my cabinets a crisp and clean white!
Me, a person who is surrounded by a houseful of boys day in and day out.
(including hordes of neighbor kids)
I might be crazy!
But I don't care.

I'll be back soon with, cross your fingers, some after pictures.

Friday, August 19, 2011

Leslie Knope

"I'm too classy to say I told ya so
so I wrote it down on a post it"
-Leslie Knope, Parks and recreation

Didn't I tell you that Amy Sue loves boys? 

This pattern really is so versatile.  
For this quilt I used all sorts of boy fabrics.  

In my larger squares I used a piece that wasn't found anywhere else in the quilt top.  
I also quilted cross hatching that intersected through all of the larger squares so as to draw even more attention to these pieces.

Since this quilt is super busy I struggled with the right binding fabric.  
Ultimately I decided to use the cutest orange stripe.
I really love how it finished the quilt just right!

I have visions of using this pattern for an all solids quilt.  Or doing some really fun applique in the larger blocks.  Or even hourglass blocks would be so darling!  You could really switch out that larger block for just about anything your imagination can conjure up.

This Busy Boy Quilt is now available in my Etsy Store


Fabrics used:
Assorted Mini Mike and assorted Kids by Michael Miller.  Wheels by Riley Blake for large squares and quilt back.  Kona Solids School Bus, Lime, and Snow.  Orange Stripe From Little Things by Sarah Fielke for binding.

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Is it so wrong?

....that I use washable fine tip Crayola markers to draw all over my quilts???

I have used every fabric marker there is.

Some dry out too quickly.
Some don't create a prominent enough mark. 

However, a new marker has hit the stores...

It disappears beautifully underneath a hot iron.
It's pretty rad.  And I do use it sometimes.
It's a solid 2nd place.

But yet, Crayola remains my favorite!
It marks smoothe bold lines for my less than stellar eyeballs.
And it washes out just perfectly!

*Please note, you must put your quilts through the washing machine. 
A simple wet cloth scrubbing won't cut it.*

Unless Crayola, themselves, create a fabric marker 
I'll be using this rainbow of beauties until the day I die.

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is it over already???

I can't even believe that my kids will be heading back to school in less than 2 weeks!
This year all 5 of my kids will be in school.
Yes, I've put my baby H in preschool so he won't be sick of me.
I'll miss him so!

On a related matter, I just looooove these idea's for teacher gifts.
You know..... this world is FULL of creative geniuses!
Everyone is brilliant in their own right.

Alphabet bean bags
Hudson's preschool teacher would wear the threads out of these!
image from pinterest

Crayon Wreath
Need I say more???
image from pinterest

Seriously so fun!
Now I just need an idea for a junior high teacher.
Got any?

*click on the pinterest links to find original sources and tutorials*

Monday, August 8, 2011

Going, going, gone!

Today my little blog and shop are being featured over at 
I just love her work!
She sews with the most gorgeous color combinations and textures.
I offered to be a sponsor on her blog and have loved getting to know her better!
One of her lucky readers will win my entire collection of patterns including....

The Brody pattern features Emily Herrick's new fabric line Going Coastal.
I also mixed in some Kona Lime, Tangerine and my favorite staple, Snow.
I wanted this pattern to be laid back and breezy like flip flops and beachy hair :-)
It sews up quickly with very bold impact.

Hop on over to the giveaway for a chance to win.
If you want to stay up to date with new releases and other giveaway's become a follower on my blog.

You can find the Brody pattern here! 

Friday, August 5, 2011

Amy Sue loves boys!

My quilt comprised mostly of Going Coastal is DONE!!!
And a new pattern has been written.
Both of which will make their debut on Monday.
Make sure you check back for an exciting giveaway!

Did you know, despite the feminine name, that my 
Amy Sue pattern isn't just for girls?
I have started working on a baby boy quilt using said pattern and it is soooo cute!

 Pay no attention to the raw edges.  
This is a work in progress.

In this quilt I have used a variety of fabrics from Riley Blake's Wheels, Mini Mike Collection, Michael Miller Kids collection and some of my favorite Kona solids including School Bus, Lime, and Snow.
I'll be back with pictures of a finished quilt!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Going Coastal!

This week I've been spending some time with 
this stack of fresh air and sunshine!

I have been waiting so long for Emily Herrick's line to come out.
And, I have a pattern that's been waiting in my sketchbook for just the right fabric.
Finally, it's here!  

Emily was my neighbor in my last home.  
Once upon a time she taught me how to bind a quilt.
I used to hire it out along with the long arm quilting.  
But now it's one of my favorite parts of the process!