Monday, March 12, 2012

I just can't stop!

Lately I have been on a buying streak!
Here's some snippets of my lovelies....

Brights make me so happy!
I just knew my life wasn't complete without these:
Running Stitches by Patty Young
Modern Whimsy Circles
Heather Bailey Pop Garden Roses
(I can't get enough of these!  I always need more)
And 4 YARDS of Sarah Fielke's Orange Stripe.  
I can't risk running out of this favorite!

And what stash wouldn't be complete without some Pezzy Print???

And I finally broke down and bought some Ruby!
When it first came out I was going through the old 
"I'm not buying anymore fabric until I've used up the tons and tons I already have."
Clearly, I'm done with that.
I know I would regret it if I didn't have some.

And I juuuussssttt might have bought a whole lot of Flea Market Fancy
but it's not here yet.

Somebody Stop Me!


  1. There's nothing better than lovely new fabric. Enjoy Lu xxx

  2. You must have caught the same bug I did. My husband threatened an intervention, but I'm pretty sure he was just kidding...

    1. Allison, that is so funny! I try to hide my stuff so as not to worry my hubs but my kids always rat me out :-)

  3. beautiful! can't wait to see what lovely things come to be.

  4. LOVE the pezzy prints! I only own a charm pack, so some yardage is in my future, I"m pretty sure! :-)

  5. The brights are so pretty! Very much spring.

  6. You have given me ideas of what to buy with my $75 GC from FQ shop

  7. I have been doing really well about not buying fabric lately, but you may have just pushed me over the edge! I need some of those Running Stitches. Need. And of course as soon as we find out what Baby #4 is, the fabric spree is on!

  8. I have been too ;) love those Lush dashes...aren't they so great?!

  9. Yeah...I basically just said the same thing about not buying anymore and it has not happened. I just bought a jelly roll and charm pack of Domestic Bliss by Cosmo Cricket. This is madness!

  10. i love everything you have splurged on! i really love those lush running stitches my fave! keep going, one can never have enough fabric!