Friday, June 29, 2012


This week I was invited to some really fun parties.
First up was Mingle @ Soel

My dear friend Jane put on this amazing party.
If you've never seen her blog I suggest you go there right now!

It was such a fun night!
Lots of cool giveaways and amazing door prizes from these sponsors...

If you live in my area you should definitely 
be on the lookout for the next one!

Hey look!  It's Jef with one F!

Jef Holm's company, People Water, was one of the sponsors.
So weird!
I have been watching him on TV every Monday night!
I have to tell you something, the TV DOES NOT do this guy justice!
He's way good looking in person!
And he's seriously such a cool guy.

The very next night I went to Material Girls for a blogger's meet and greet.

Fun fact:  I went to high school with Heather.
I haven't seen her in 18 years!!!
AND... I had no idea she's Heather of Quilt Story.
So crazy!  I've been on her blog a million times.
It was so fun to see her again :-)

More amazing ladies!

I had the best time being with all of these talented women!
They are all so wonderful :-)


  1. I had so much fun! Thanks for inviting me.

  2. your hair is adorable! i love it shorter! and i am jealous that you got to meet jef! i love him. i would have begged him to tell me who she chose! love it! we need to meet up again my friend! xo

  3. Lu, it was so great to see you at Soel! I felt bad that I didn't spend more time catching up. You always look amazing. I hope to see you again soon!

  4. Okay, please forgive the incredibly late response here. Summer=I am SO behind on anything computer related. I know you understand. ;)

    It was so fun to see you and visit at the meetup a few weeks ago! I hope that we can do it again sometime in the near future. Once the kids are back in school. :) In the mean time, enjoy!