Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Demolition and summer sewing with kids

Remember this post about summer vacations?
Well ours has officially begun.
My husband started tearing down the deck this week
which gives me plenty of sewing time!
(when I'm not staring at him while he works :-)

I have been doing the top stitching for my On a Whim quilt
but I took a break to do some projects with my kiddo's.

Last year we made bean bags and pillow cases 
so I figure they were ready for Jeni's Drawstring bag.

These bags are soooo easy and fun!

My Roan is a BYU and Jimmer enthusiast!
I really tried hard to get him to choose a cooler print
but he was having none of that.

Sasha's bag is so girly and fun!
I love all of her selections!

And we used all peak hour prints for Hudson's.
I sewed his entire bag.
He's just a wee bit young still!

I love this want ad print!

I have loved seeing them ride their bikes 
with their bags tied to the handle bars.
They have been filled up with snacks and candy, 
airsoft guns and ammunition, sunscreen and water bottles, 
matchbox cars and scriptures on Sundays.

Sasha tells me it's the most special thing we've ever made!
Really?  Wow, we've made a lot of stuff!  

So if your kids are bored with summer already 
this pattern will be the best $6.50 you've ever spent. 

Now I've got to get back to my top stitching!


  1. Such cute projects! Sounds like a great start to summer!! Must be the best ever to see your kids using those awesome bags so much! So cute.

    I'm excited to see how On A Whim turns out!

  2. Thanks for this! My kids are all into playing with my sewing machine these last few days. For real, with scrap fabric, and they actually do okay. Just using the decorative stitches and text so far, not sewing any actual seams, but I figured since they seem so interested that it would be fun to make something with them this summer. And I already have Jeni's pattern! Hmmmmmm.

  3. I love Jeni's bags and made a lot of them at Christmas and gave away for presents. I'm wondering what you used for your drawstrings - they look great.

  4. So so cute Lu. Love all the bags.
    Summer sounds so nice right. It is freezing here!!

  5. All the bags look amazing!! Can't wait to see the deck.

  6. Oh these bags are too adorable! Looks like ya'll are having fun! Let's get together ASAP.

  7. I love the fabric used for Sasha's bag!!! What is the name and designer of the blue floral fabric?