Thursday, June 7, 2012

Moving On

Okay y'all, sorry for the public meltdown the other day.
I probably shouldn't have posted all of that but I received a bunch 
of emails and comments that were incredibly helpful!
I'm grateful for blogs and the way they bring people together 
no matter how far apart you really are.
And I'm particularly thankful for this little circle I run in online.  
The women of the craft world are so amazing!

I have spent the last several days cleaning out my pantry, fridge, and makeup bag.
A lot of stuff had to go!
But I'm ready for the change and moving forward :-)

Onto more fun things, I have been playing with this pattern.
I took 5 million pictures!!
But I just couldn't get that "WOW" shot.
So you'll just have to take my word for it.....
This quilt is sooooo cute!

It's for my dear friend, Becky, who just had a baby.
She has this very urban cool style so I couldn't just make her the average baby quilt.
And the white binding is so impractical!

But no one ever accused Becky of being practical :-)
I really wanted to give her something special since she has had many 
heartbreak's in getting her family here. 
I hope she likes it!

Fabrics:  Kasbah, River Shine, and Souvenir by Amy Butler, Mezzanine by Jenean Morrison,  Flock by Thomas Knauer, and Skipping Squares by Aneela Hoey (also used on the back) 


  1. It looks pretty WOW to me :)

  2. I second that! It looks wow from here too! Great job! I just won this pattern too and can't wait to use it... when my list of things to do gets a little more manageable I think! So sorry to hear about your allergies! I am glad they were able to figure out what was causing your eye problems, I can't imagine losing my eyesight! Good luck with all the changes, it sounds like you got quite a few good alternatives to try!

  3. Love this quilt!! And it's a beautiful picture ;)

  4. What a cool baby quilt! The fabrics are beautiful.

  5. First off, sorry to hear about the crazy allergies! I hope your eyes get better soon :)

    Second, this quilt is amazing! I am totally in love with your fabric choices! Sometimes form wins over function, that white binding is perfect!! xoxo

  6. stunning! and sorry to read about your allergies - sounds awful. i can only imagine how hard it is to adjust, but i can't imagine losing eye sight either. hope things are looking a bit sunnier soon. :)

  7. Love the colors! Great job! Your friend will love it, I'm sure!

  8. I think she'll absolutely love it! It is perfect xxx

  9. Gosh! What's up with me? I have missed so much on your blog over the last little while. You have so many cute finishes on here lately and I love, love, LOVE your patterns and your pattern covers. So cute!

  10. I really love this quilt. The colors and big pieces of fabric show off the prints so well.

  11. it is such a beautiful quilt lu! i love the picture and the fabrics are perfect! xo