Thursday, July 5, 2012


One of my favorite things about my daughter
is that she is so festive!
She gets so excited for any and all holidays.
She really wanted a fun dress for the 4th but 
couldn't find anything that she was very excited about.

we took this t-shirt from Target

And this XXL Old Navy women's tank top

And we made this darling dress!

I made it extra long because she's so tall and grows so fast!
Hopefully she'll be able to wear it longer than a month or so. 

We had a fantastic 4th filled with family and fun!
I hope you guys did too! :-) 


  1. My seven year old son is the same way. He takes decorating for every holiday very seriously and is always in a hurry to get the next holiday's goodies out. He wore his homemade "USA" shirt to the fireworks last night and on the way home, asked if August was too early to decorate for Halloween. :) Gotta love festive kids!

    Cute dress - - so smart of you to add length and keep it wearable longer.

  2. Adorable! And such a great idea. What fun to have such an excited enthusiastic little lady in your house!

  3. Cute!! One of these years I'll get creative and make my kiddos something patriotic.
    So fun to meet you the other night!

  4. So cute! And how fun that she gets so excited about holidays. I need to be more like her!!