Thursday, November 3, 2011

Since I'm just sitting here....

I am waiting for my 2nd favorite man to appear at my door...
The UPS man!
I am waiting for some fabric that is essential to a WIP.
It looks like I'll be twiddling my thumbs until Monday.
Darn you!
I love your prices but your shipping takes forrrrreeeeevvvveeerrr!

So I guess I'll work on my Easy Christmas Blankets while I wait.

I bought the cutest flannel sheets from Garnet Hill!
One for the front and one for the back.

I'm drawing a very simple grid for quilting with my favorite washable Crayola's.
And I'm using a 6oz. loft batting so these blankets will be oh so fluffy!

Last year I made the quilt pictured below for  this newly started tradition.

But for some reason I just hated it!
So this year the I am offering up the fluffiest, coziest, warmest blanket for the nightly prize!
Let the good behavior begin!

p.s. Target also had some super cute Flannel Sheets too.


  1. This is a great tradition. I might steal your idea for the grandkids...

  2. Steal away Diane! It's a really fun tradition that the kids, young and old, get very excited about :-)

  3. Can't wait to see how your easy Christmas blanket turns out. So happy to have stumbled onto your blog. :-)

  4. Cute, cute blog. Perhaps I said that last time I was in??
    Your sewing reminds me I need to snap-to and work on the pillows I'm making for my upcoming show. Eeeeee.

    Have a great rest of your week!

  5. oh that's a great idea. i love but the shipping does take a really long time!, you are right. i hope it arrives monday. have a good weekend.