Tuesday, November 29, 2011


I sure did enjoy Thanksgiving week
but I am so glad it's over.
Am I the only one who stresses out over the Holidays???

My Turkey didn't finish cooking on time so we sliced it up and threw it on the grill.
It was soooo yummy but also a wrench in the Stuff Your Face schedule.

The appetizers.....ohh the appetizers....
They were my favorite food item of the day!
I highly recommend the Caprese Skewers and Cranberry Salsa.
In fact, I'm def putting those on the Christmas menu.

I spent most of the week working on Stacey's crib bedding
Almost done and cutting it close!
More pictures soon.

Vanessa's bumper pad tutorial is awesome!
I've made a whole LOTTA bumpers in my time
but I am really enjoying this particular pattern!

And when I wasn't sewing I was putting out my Christmas 
and hanging out with my crew.

Why is it so hard to get a great picture of your Christmas Tree?

Different angle perhaps? No?

This year we have a new tree, skinnier and taller!
And it's flocked, yay!
I have always wanted a flocked tree.
I'm pretty sure my hubs doesn't love it, but he's not sayin'

Once we got all of the ornaments on the kids decided
that it was overwhelmingly RED!
They, then, informed me that we needed Turquoise.
So we headed out among the Black Friday mess and found some turquoise.

Other than that, we spent the weekend in watching all 
of the episodes of Once Upon a Time as a family.

I hope you all had a great weekend too!


  1. no - you are most definitely not the only one who stresses about the holidays. :) love that bedding! and your tree is gorgeous.

  2. What a pretty tree!! And I agree- they're impossible to take good pictures of!

  3. Your tree and house are spectacular! Please, please tell me it isn't usually so neat! And those bumper pads are adorable. Lucky baby!

  4. Yeah no, if it makes you feel better Toni I can take a picture of what it looks like at this very moment.

  5. I would almost have another baby just to have that crib bedding . . . almost!

    Love the flocked tree! They are my favorite :)

  6. Love the flocked tree!!! I Have been looking for one just like that where did you find it :) Adorable love it all!!!!

  7. Hey Melisa,
    How are you girl? I bought it last year after Christmas at Tai Pan for 75% off! They have them again this year. It's the 9FT Slim.