Friday, October 26, 2012

Back from the dead!

Boy have I been sick!
Dead sick!
Snow is officially on the ground here.
I seem to get really sick every time the seasons change.
So weird.

I finished my Scrap Vomit!!!!!!
This is a huge celebration for me because I lost momentum for a bit.
I may or may not have been avoiding my sewing room because of it.

The ironing, oh the ironing!
I truly don't know how Katy has made 4 of these already!

But I managed to power through
and I'm so happy I did!
This quilt means so much to me!
I love every single little 1.5" square that's in it.
Each piece has meaning or memory to it.

I'll be sending her out for proper quilting.
I wouldn't dare mess this one up myself.

I will treasure this quilt for all of my days!
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  1. I am sorry you have been sick:-( moms never get to really rest when they are sick.
    The quilt is amazing! I love how the hearts turned out too!

  2. Now you have inspired me. This is absolutely the best quilt I have every seen. ANd knowing that each little square is from something important makes it even more special.
    Please take care of yourself and feel better soon.
    xo, di

  3. Look at all those seams. Wow. So impressive Lu.

  4. LOVE!!!!! I love yours so much!! You've inspired me to make one of my own - now I just need to get around to trimming all my scraps. Hope you feel better soon!

  5. oh my word, so amazing!!! ♥♥♥ it!!!

    Hope you are feeling better :o)

  6. My husband said you should write a journal about this quilt and all the fabrics used and what they mean to you. Just sayin', as if you need one more thing to do. But, I had to show it to him because I think it and YOU are fabulous!

  7. I love your version of this quilt. Absolutely stunning! Seriously impressive, i think all those itsy bitty pieces would do me in.

  8. An amazing quilt and obviously a labor of love. I'm about to start one, but just the regular variety. I've already cut my 2 1/2" squares.

  9. I love it! I can't wait to start mine. I hope you start feeling better Lu!

  10. Hope you are feeling better Lu. Sending you a big hug!
    And freaking gorgeous - I love your quilt!!

  11. this is stunning, i hope you are feeling better! I need to start saving the itty bitty pieces and make something like this!

  12. It's beautiful, I especially love the heart :) I've got my squares and 2 blocks done, think it'll be a life's work !!!

  13. Such an inspiring and gorgeous quilt!! I love what you came up with soooo much! And I hope you feel better soon, I tend to get sick every october too, but so far it hasn't been too bad. Wow, I love that quilt.

  14. Congratulations! It's so fun! Way to power through. I can't believe those are only 1.5" squares. They seem bigger! That is so tiny though. I'm so impressed!


  15. I love tour scrap vomit.. That is a lot of seam.. I hope i can get through mine.. Your tiny squares are great job done..

  16. So sorry you've been sick. This did turn out great despite it all!