Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Slow and Steady

....wins the race.
Is that how the story goes?

I have been working on this quilt for what seems like forever.
Last week, I took a lovely break off to make something much more simple.
Only three more blocks and I can put it all together!

I have been using this technique.
I highly doubt it's any faster
but it's pretty dang accurate!
Although, I'm not sure that a Scrap Vomit quilt even requires accuracy.
Isn't that the point?  Perfectly imperfect?
Anyway, she'll be done soon.

In other news, this big beautiful boy was born
He looks so cute all snuggled up on his quilt.
Really and truly, nothing makes me happier than to see quilts 
(that I've put love and time into) get used and abused!


  1. I love it!!! I think I am sewn out of little squares for a while after my SV. What a cute baby and tons of hair too!

  2. Oh it's fabulous Lu. Oh and a squishy baby - so cute!!

  3. Oh my.. I love your twist to scrap Vomit!!! Love the purple hearts!!! <3 <3
    I can't wait to start on mine!

  4. I love that you used pixilated hearts in your scrap vomit quilt.
    And...I love, love, love when quilts I have made get used and abused!

  5. i die! i LOVE LOVE LOVE your scrap vomit! those hearts! oh goodness! perfect! and that is one adorable little bundle, i bet he smells like heaven and how wonderful that he is enjoying the quilt.

    those hearts... oh my! genius!

  6. Lu, this is so gorgeous! I love how it turned out, it's fantastic!!

  7. Fabulous! Really... it's just fab! Love the colors :D

  8. The quilt looks AMAZING Lu! Love the hearts...

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  10. holy cow - I just spotted this on pinterest, it's amazing. I totally need to make one too!!!!