Monday, September 3, 2012

Inner Dialogue

I have been working on my Scrap Vomit quilt here and there
as bits of free time pop up.

The cutting is addicting!
I find myself saying "oh I'll just cut a few more...and a few more...." 
I have strictly stuck with scraps from projects that have already been made.
It's been a little tough to stay away from my yardage!

I didn't realize just how much all of these little pieces would mean to me.
I have racing thoughts the entire time....

"oh, that's from the boys bed quilts"
"this one is from Sasha's baby bedding"
"wow, I used some of this in my grandmother's quilt 
when my grandfather died."
"and this one is from Cait's quilt when I was 
giving her sewing lessons"

A lot of these fabrics are from the last few years.
I think I might go down to the storage room and 
try to find some older goods!

I sized my squares down to 2" rather than 2.5"
These squares finish at a whopping 1.5"!!!
I have been using Oh Fransson's Stamp Collection technique.
It's pretty fabulous!

You can learn all about that here!

Just look at these beautiful intersections!

There is no way that I could have achieved such perfect lines with such 
tiny squares without this method.
No way!  None!


  1. I can't even begin to imagine piecing those tiny things! But you are going to have such a fun quilt when you are done. And so cool to be able to look back and play "I-spy" with all your past projects!

  2. It does look fantastic! I have a few projects like this too, full of memories. :)

  3. The fabric is perfect for this project :) and thank for sharing the link. Great tip.

  4. What a fantastic project. And I couldn't imagine those tiny squares. Gorgeous Lu ;o)

  5. Oh it's so pretty!! I love all the memories from scraps too, it helps me remember what I've actually made! You're going to have the most beautiful scrap vomit quilt ever! I can't believe how perfect your squares are! It looks so wonderful, thanks for including the links!

  6. Oh wow! I love how it turned out. Are we still going to get together?

  7. This is going to be fabulous.

  8. ooh fun! your intersections look fantastic!

  9. there is nothing better than perfectly pieced squares. love the crap out of it!

  10. Hey, I've just stumbled upon your blog. Its lovely!

    Weird question... Do you happen to know what line of fabric that purple flowery print is from. Top right square of the center 4 in the last picture. I have a tiny tiny scrap of it in red and its one of my favourite prints ever!