Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Birthday Sale and Vomit Remix

Hey everyone!
My birthday is coming up.
And since I'm somewhere in my 30's....I won't tell you where....
I am offering 30% off all patterns in my store.
Enter coupon code: BIRTHDAY

Today Natalie treated me to a celebratory lunch
and this stack of squares for my scrap vomit quilt.

She's the best!

I am making good headway on this quilt.
Read about this particular piecing method here  
I have, however, swapped out Block B for a pixelated heart that I drew up.

I'm super crazy about it!
I have enough scraps to make 2 quilts.
So I will definitely stay close to the original design in the next one.
I sort of had this silly idea of making 
his and hers Vomit, hee hee!

Here is a rough draft of my design.
Feel free to use it in your own Scrap Vomit quilt 
if you feel so inclined.  
Square's are cut 2"/finished at 1.5"
Each completed block measures 22.5" square.
And just ignore my odd scribbles and numbers.
They don't mean anything.

P.S. Sale ends Sunday night!
This coupon code is valid in my Big Cartel shop only


  1. Happy Birthday!! I LOVE what you did with the heart!! It's wonderful!! I finished my Scrap Vomit today and already want to make another! I have plans for a "baby vomit" edition, haha!

    I love how you changed it and can't wait to see how it turns out with the hearts and tiny squares!! You're so clever! Heading to your shop now...

  2. Happy Birthday!! Can't wait to see this one come together!

  3. I love your scrap vomit!!! Happy birthday, dear!

  4. Seriously amazing! I love that you did a heart. I had a great time hanging out with you as always.:)

  5. Well Happy Birthday from one brand new 30-something to an upcoming one. (My birthday was on Sunday) I hope you have a great day and I'm off to check out your patterns!

  6. Love your pixilated heart. His and hers vomit quilts, funny!

  7. hey! i am a september girl too! i should've known!

  8. Hey...that piecing method is *fantabulous*!!!! I'm gonna save that as well as your heart diagram. Thanks for sharing. I really appreciate it.