Friday, September 21, 2012

Where's my purse???

I've had fun whipping up this super simple 
patchwork quilt for my bestie! 
This quilt is actually part of a prop for her newborn baby's photos.
Come Monday he'll have arrived.
Hopefully he's ready for his photo shoot!
I've sewn several things for her studio.  
if you're curious, This one was my favorite! 

This project was a much needed break from my current WIP!
This type of quilting is just pure instant gratification!

I can't remember the last time I hand sewed my binding.
I'm a huge fan of machine stitching binding on quilts that will go through the wash a ton
(which is pretty much the only kind of quilt I make)

This prop is going to be so much fun!
The quilt is only a small part of it.
I'll show you more later.

In other randomness, 
I can never find my purse!
I make my kids late for things all of the time because 
I'm running around looking for my purse all over the house.
It's gotten pretty ridiculous and comical actually.
My kids don't think it's funny.

In this months HGTV Magazine I spotted 
this XXL Binder Clip that doubles as a purse hook.
I might have ordered one....or three!
Best $5 I ever spent.
I just thought I'd share.  
I'd feel a lot better if I wasn't 
the only crazy person who can never find her purse!
If you're as forgetful as me go here to get one for yourself.

Now, if only my office looked that cool......


  1. I love this quilt and the fabrics. You have helped my in the past with my first quilt ever. Silly goose (which i am still working on) but i would love to know what fabrics you used in this one if you have the chance to post!

  2. That quilt is great! I love seeing baby pictures using a quilt. The binder clip solution is such a good idea! I don't lose my purse too much because I hang it up in the kitchen, but I lose my phone ALL the time! Thankfully my sweet husband showed me the "find my iPhone" app so now as long as I have my computer I can find my phone. Unless the kids are being too loud to hear the beeping!

  3. I love the simple patchwork! I think I am ready for some simple sewing at the moment. I can't wait to see the photos of her little cutie. She really is amazing at what she does.

  4. That clip is genius. I currently use the cupboard door handle. And that quilt is absolutely gorgeous. I love the orange binding - beautiful!!

  5. You do such great work Lu. I'm glad I'm not the only one that misplaces my purse.

  6. Super cute quilt! LOVE the quilting... and I'm a fan of machine binding too - so fast and should be sturdy as can be.
    You should put your purse in the same spot everytime you walk in the door. Like the entry way, on a cute hook, or something :-) My bags home is on the console table near the door. I can always find it! Just a suggestion :-)

  7. i just looked at her photo blog and holy cow she is super talented! it almost makes me want to have another baby! ;) love the quilt, i LOVE simple patchwork! xo

  8. Can't wait to see the photo shoot...and you in two weeks!