Saturday, July 21, 2012

Two Questions....

I finally got around to finishing my daughter's quilt.
The binding feels a little bit......overpowering?
Like it's maybe too bold for this quilt?

What are your thoughts?

I really don't care one bit for seam ripping the entire binding.
But I've done it before.
I'll do it again if I must!

Also, I ordered this amazingly darling pillow for her room
from my friend Anna Joy at The Joy Cottage

I'm so in love with it!
It's hiding in the closet until I'm ready to put together 
the whole surprise for her.

I'm going to this beautiful lake next week...

I would love to take a fun hand sewing project with me
since I'll be spending ample time sitting in the car or on the beach.
I would love some idea's!
I don't normally do very much hand sewing because I'm fairly impatient.
If you have any fun idea's pretty please mention it 
in the comments with a link, if you have one.
Many thanks! :-)

Lastly, cheers to small accomplishments!

I quickly whipped up these quilted burp cloths for a 
baby shower that I completely forgot about!
I wrapped them around some Burts Bee's Baby Wash.
Bam!  A totally cute baby gift on the fly.

I'm gonna have to make a bunch to have on hand!


  1. Actually, I don't mind the binding! Very cute!

    What about hexagons via paper piecing? I was thinking about doing that once on vacation? I know American Quilting in Orem has a machine to do the cutting!

  2. I think the binding looks great with the back. Maybe a little too bold for the front. But there is no way I'd rip it off. And that pillow is so sweet!!
    I'm no help in the hand sewing department - I am really awful at it.You'd think after hand sewing a bear a few years ago that it would all come back to me - but sadly not.
    Have a great trip away Lu xxx

  3. That pillow is perfect! What a great addition to the room. And I think the binding looks good, but if it is going to annoy you every time you look at her bed maybe you should switch it out for something else. But that quilt is so beautiful! I'm no good for hand sewing suggestions, either. I always have good intentions of doing some while we are on the road, but it never happens. I think Katy at I'm a Ginger Monkey has a cool EPP pattern somewhere as well as Lynne of Lily's Quilts if you are into that kind of thing...

  4. I like the binding! How about yo-yos this person on pinterest has some great links. I have made the little christmas yo yo trees and I really want to make those flowers!

  5. 1) I like the binding too! Don't rip it off. It's going to be snuggled so much I bet that it's going to look wonderful.

    2) I like English Paper Piecing and am working on my hexagons right now for the Hexy MF QAL with Katy at the fat quarterly blog! It's a big project but I'm hoping it'll become an "heirloom" quilt after all is said and done. And I love making hexagons. That's what I'd recommend!

    Have a great trip!!

  6. I like the binding! I love the pillow with it too. As for on the go projects hexies or some hand quilting.

  7. Love the binding...totally keep!! I am sure your daughter is gonna love it :o) I agree...hexies are a great project to take on the go. Hope you have a wonderful time!

  8. bear lake right? i would bring along some embroidery... or a book, for a break! ;) i hope you have a wonderful vacation. xo and i love the binding. i think it is perfect!