Thursday, February 9, 2012

Me and my new lady friend!

I spent the day yesterday getting acquainted with my new Bernina.
And all I can tell you is that I feel spoiled to have her!

I have finally cut into my stack of Children at Play!
My little H man has grown out of all of his quilts I've made for him.
It's time for a big one.

I whipped up this quilt top lickety split!
I've been staring at it all morning trying to figure out what kind of quilting it needs.
(Sorry, this is the best pic I managed for some odd reason.  But you get the idea)
Any thoughts?  Do share!


  1. oh Lu! it is so gorgeous! i am so glad you and your lady friend are getting along so very well! it looks like this relationship will last for a very long time! ;)

  2. Glad you two are getting along! I'm sure your son will love his quilt.

  3. Love that fabric and quilt top! Glad your having fun.

  4. SO cute! I think some straight quilting, either a cross-hatch at 45-degree angles or a mixture of angles, would be so fun. Just one question -- what dimensions do you use for your quilt tops for kids' beds? I'm stuck on some for mine. Thanks!

  5. this is so cute! Either straight lines or loopy stippling would look great. I don't think you can go wrong. I'm not help.

  6. Small world Lu...Sarah Jane who designed the "children at play" fabric used to be my next door neighbor when we lived in our condo in Orem. Love the quilt!!!