Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Breaking it in!

Hudson's quilt is done!
My first finish since December.
Wow, I'm really embarrassed just typing that!
It's being put to much good use.

I listened to this book during the many hours
of sewing and hand quilting.

It is beyond captivating!
Fictional characters laced with historical events in Scotland.
I loved all 32 hours of it!
But I must give you my disclaimer....
It made me blush......a lot.
And I don't blush easily.


  1. nice looking quilt!
    and a book on CD... I'll have to remember that! Probably better than listening to streaming radio.
    This book does look interesting :-)

    1. Cristin, audio books are the best! I love to listen to audio books when I'm folding laundry and especially when I'm working on a project. It makes the time go by so pleasantly. I almost can't quilt without a good story playing :-)

  2. I have to start listening to books while I sew. I have been watching movies on the laptop while I sew, but it's hard to "watch" and sew. Congrats on the finish.

  3. i love to listen to books. i have been listening to "the help" i have read it and seen the movie, now i am listening. do you listen on your ipod? i love my little shuffle, i just wish it had more space. super cute quilt btw, he looks so cozy snuggled under it!