Monday, January 23, 2012

Quilting for Boys and other news

I love that my boys love quilts!
They each have a quilt that is exclusively theirs.
When I was working on this quilt my son Roan asked me how much the quilt was.

When I asked him why he said he was going to save his money to buy it.
Stinking cute!

Incase your wondering, that quilt is way too small for him 
or I probably would have just given it to him for melting my heart like that.

But I did notice something that I could make for him this last week.
This kid LOVES!  I mean LOVES stuffed animals!
He and his younger sister play with them all of the time under one of my tables.
In fact, it's the only time they get along.

So I made him his own "doll" quilt and pillow

Sasha would grab her doll quilt and pillows while Roan would run to my sewing room for scraps that he could use, ha ha!
It kinda made me feel so bad so I whipped one up while he was at school.

His birthday is in 2 weeks.  
I am toying with the idea of building him his own little toy bed and give it a manly espresso stain.

In the meantime, my hardware came, YAY!!!

love, love, love, love, LOVE!
I'm so glad I splurged on these knobs!
They make me so happy.

Remember this ugly thing....

It's not ugly anymore!

I have loved working on both of these dressers!
I didn't mind investing in great hardware for this dresser since I got it for free.
I think it's a massive improvement!
I ordered both sets of hardware from Lee Valley

In a perfect world this room would already be completed, but it's not.
I'm trying to have an insanely cool mirror made to hang above the dresser.
And I'm still waiting on my husband to finish the built in platform beds.
We are so close!
Now i'm off to sew some drapes!


  1. how sweet that he has his own doll blanket and pillow. i love it. i also love the new nobs! i love revamping old furniture!

  2. AWESOME dressers!!

    I too, have made my oldest doll quilts. He has a stuffed hippo that he sleeps with and he asked where B's blanket was. WELL of course I tucked him into bed, ran downstairs and made B a blanket for naptime the next day!

  3. what a sweet story and your refinishing is looking great

  4. I love this post! From the story about your boy wanting to buy your quilt, to the perfect purple dresser (or is is blue, and my computer is making it look purple - :0 ) I started quilting because both my boys asked me to make them quilts for their beds, completely out of the blue. I didnt even know they knew what quilts were. So here I am now, one quilt done (gifted it away) and two in progress.

  5. I love doll quilts! Probably because I don't yet have the patience (or skill) for larger ones. You would think my daughter would get tired of them, but every times she sees me sewing with some new fabric, she begs for another blanket for her "babies"! We'll see if my son starts asking for them for his trains & tractors!