Friday, January 27, 2012


As you well know I have been obsessing over my boys new room.

Paint, done!
Carpet done!
Beds done!
Dresser done!

Now I am finalizing some fun art for the walls.

I LOOOOVE this giraffe!
I have a thing for art with a sense of humor.
Oh and sentiment too!
This bear print is so sweet.

But when it came down to it....who can resist a freaking cute sock monkey?
This one is from Salt and Paper

This print is perfect for Roan since he's just like sunshine to me.
I had to snatch it up!
It's also from Salt and Paper.
Here's the best only cost me $4 for the download.
Then I sent it to Costco where I spent, what, 
just over a dollar to have an 8x10 printed?
Done and DONE!

I also had some fun with Illustrator and recreated some of my favorite pictures of them.

Hudson's turned out exactly how I wanted it to.
You can see his long lashes and little flecks in his eyes.
Makes me melt a bit!

Roan's.....not as great.  
My husband loves it though.
I'm still considering doing the same thing with a different picture.
We'll see.

With the exception of the mirror that I am trying to have made it is just about moving day for these cute boys!

This particular un-used bedroom was once a dungeon like space.

This is how the previous owners left the room.
We tore out the stinky carpet then never opened the door again.

Now do you see why my sewing machine is collecting dust?

I've had to make this room so bright and cheery that they'll actually be excited to sleep in it.
There is light at the end of the tunnel.


  1. those prints of your boys are great! found your blog through the vintage revivals link-up ;)

  2. Can't wait to see final photos of the room. It's all coming together now. Yeah!

  3. oh you've inspired me! I love the bear print and the sock monkey print and the fact that you got them made for so cheap and i love the pictures of your children. i want to do that with my kids! teach me how will ya? congrats on a basically finished room. can't wait to see pics.

    see you tuesday???


  4. It's looking so good!! Can't wait to see it! What color paint are you using again? Gray? So....we both need to stop using the name "Hudson" on our blogs. I feel like ever day I hear of a another baby named Hudson....I can't believe how trendy it's becoming. For someone who avoids being trendy or even slightly cool actually - this is driving me nuts! 12 years ago (and long before when I found the name in college and kept it a secret till I had my first child) it was my favorite boy name ever. Now it's my least favorite of all my boys names - if I could I'd change it! Ha ha (but I'm serious)! So anyway, hush on the Hudsoning. :) I could have told you this in person....have you noticed its growing popularity?? It's the new Jackson. I blame it all on you and this super popular blog of yours! :) Not really - see you later today.