Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rearranging People

Every January I have this insatiable urge to change everything!
This January is no exception.
I have been obsessed with splitting my boys up.
And I'm not showering, sleeping or sewing until it's done.
Dramatic, but sort of true :-)

REWIND: for some wackadoo reason our home has 2 master bedrooms.
And the one in the basement is pretty big.
Big enough for all 4 boys to be together.
Fun right?

They love it (most of the time)
But no one is getting the sleep that is needed.
So, yeah, were done with that.

Were going to ditch the bunk beds all together.
I mean people shouldn't have to live on top of each other 
if they don't actually have to.
Plus, they're really old!

During my sewing hiatus I've been working really hard getting 
an un-used bedroom ready for Roan and Hudson.
New dresser, new mirror, new beds, new art, new paint, new carpet!
My goodness, it's fun!

I did have a day last week that I was able to play with 
my sewing machine but it was short lived.
I hope you're not mad at me :-)

p.s. In an effort to keep it real, my boys room never ever never looks like this!


  1. I was thinking "wow, her boys room looks better than my girls' room." i'm glad you added that ps ;) I have a huge urge to redecorate right now, too.

  2. ditto. I have a bathroom w/ icky wall paper. yuk TFS I feel your pain, January is the same for me, out with the clutter and the old!

  3. whew! I'm glad to here the neatness was pre-arranged! Now get sewing, woman!

  4. Oh, I love rearranging things in our house! Well, only after it's done, the "during" not so much. But I can't wait to see this. Maybe you'll inspire me to change my boys' room!

  5. Holy cow! I wish i had that kind of motivation :-)
    We just moved into our new home a month ago (hmmm..to the day!) so I guess i need motivation to HANG STUFF on the walls :-)

    I love your boys names too :-) If we have another boy its going to be a challenge to find one that goes with Eli. And it CANNOT start with E. ;-) haha