Wednesday, May 23, 2012


This week I've been working on this quilt.
I went with a simple patchwork quilt because I wanted the quilting to steal the show.

It really didn't turn out the way I hoped for.
I free motioned loopy flowers and swirls but they hardly show up.
You have to look reeeaaalllyyy close in order to see them.

I love the fabrics though!
And I'm crazy about the Vintage Modern houndstooth that's on the back.

I bought extra because I know I'll need some more.  
And soon!

All in all, it's a pretty cute quilt. 
Very simple, but cute. 
And it does have a nice texture.
But here's what I'm wondering.....

1. Should I have used a thicker thread for this one?
I always use Gutermann cotton for my top stitching.

2.  I used a different batting this time.  Normally I use 
Warm and Natural.  This time I used Warm Blend.  
Does that change the results?  Has anyone used Warm Blend before?

Do tell


  1. Lu, I think it's adorable! But I'm partial to simple patchwork. Perhaps if you'd used a pink thread to quilt it would've shown up more? I'm not sure. I think it's really very nice. Don't be too hard on yourself!!

    1. Pink thread! Why didn't I think of that??? That probably would have done the job. Thanks Marian :-)

  2. Oh boy, it's all about preference, isn't it? Do you wonder about the thicker thread because you hoped the quilting would show up more? I've never really used varied thread thicknesses but I have used a darker colour thread to contrast more with the top and that really helps too!

    All said though, the quilt is adorable.

  3. since i have never made a single quilt, i have no idea! maybe the pink thread would've been nice, but i think it's just lovely the way it is. :)

  4. i think it is really really cute! i agree that a different color of thread would have made it more noticeable but i think it looks great! i love that houndstooth so much also! perfect fabric! and your green binding is so perfect also!

  5. sorry i don't have any real good tips for the quilting. I never do FMQ....but i do love the quilt. Ruby is so pretty. i am still working on a plus quilt in that fabric and it is amazing.

  6. I love it!!! I would totally buy it. So as a new quilter I have a question...Do you just pick the squares up in random order or did you hav'e a plan as to where each square goes? Sorry if thats a dumb question. I love the quilt! ~Claudine (using my daughters account)

    1. Hi Claudine! Thank you. It's growing on me. So, I usually set my squares in random order. But I try to make sure that my colors end up being spaced out so I don't have too much turquoise, for example, on one side of the quilt. Does that make sense?

  7. I love this quilt, so sweet and girly!

  8. It is such a cute quilt. No advice from me about the quilting - I only ever straight line quilt, with Gutermann thread on bamboo batting.

  9. I think it's lovely, but I agree that a colored thread would have gotten you the effect you wanted. I would go with Rose colored, though, on this one - I think the pink might get a little lost in most of it, too, just because there is so much pink in it :)

  10. Your quilt is adorable! I personally like to use a heavier weight thread for FMQ. My favourite is Aurifil 40 weight. I also really like the 28 weight but I was going through too much of it and constantly filling bobbins. I like that you can see the detail of the quilting a little better. Don't forget to adjust your needle size (thicker) if using a heavier weight thread. It helps to avoid skipped stitches! I think I need to order some Vintage Modern!

  11. Its beautiful! Would you mind telling a newby to quilting how you machine quilt? Do you have a special machine? Sarah