Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Progress and a growing To-Do List

I sewed 2 more On a Whim blocks this morning...

Most of my fabrics are geometrics since it's for little Miss S.
The one above feels a little wrong to me somehow.
Maybe there's too much white in the main print?

I do, however, have 2 floral prints simply because I needed the color.  
Shhh, let's pretend like their not there.
Maybe she won't notice.

If I do 4 of these blocks a week that gives me plenty of time 
to finish her quilt in time for her birthday 
while still being able to work on other projects along side.
Wow, that was a run on sentence.  
You can tell I've been out of college for a long time!

3 babies were born over the weekend, THREE!
Lots of visits, lots of meals, lots of gifts.
I'm sure glad I cranked out those last 2 blankies!
I still have one more baby blanket to make.

I also have to make some more quilts for my shop.
I'm down to only 2 left.  

To do, to do, to do.....

1. 4 OAW blocks a week
2. Baby Quilt (gift)
3. Etsy store needs more quilts
4. Write a pattern (I've been ignoring that one for a while!)

Sheesh!  I better not get on pinterest today!


  1. step away from pinterest! it is so incredibly addicting! i love these blocks lu! super cute and i bet she doesn't even notice the flowers... ;)

  2. Those blocks are looking fabulous, Lu! Sounds like you have a busy month ahead but I'm sure you'll get the important stuff done!

  3. I love your gorgeous blocks Lu. So pretty!!

  4. They look awesome all together! I am trying to finish some more of my blocks up tonight. That sure is a lot of babies. Good luck with all your projects. You can do it!

  5. This might be one of my new favorite blocks

  6. Love the blocks....man you are super talented! :-) I'm sure the recipients of these lovely blankets will be so grateful.

  7. Beautiful blocks. This quilt is going to be fabulous!