Friday, May 18, 2012

Playing with Ruby

This weekend I'm playing around with Ruby.

It's not looking too special at the moment.
But I have plans for some cute stitching to bring it to life.
Anyone ever used Warm Blend before?
It's more expensive than Warm and Natural but it's a little loftier.
We'll see if it's worth the extra pennies.

I bought some Vintage Modern for the backing.
I love that these collections work together seamlessly!
I'll be using some dots from Fly a Kite for the binding.

p.s. Did you know I have a dog named Ruby?

She's cute, isn't she?
A huge pain in the butt!
But a cute pain in the butt with pretty brown eyes.

Hope you have fabulous plans for the weekend! :-)


  1. Super cute! I can't wait to see it finished.

  2. Love it! I actually just finished a baby quilt top that is very much like this one! I love the choice you've got for the backing. I'm biting my nails waiting to get some Vintage Modern...

    I love patchwork on it's own and special stitching makes it even better, I'm excited to see what you do!!

  3. I just got my monthly dose of loveliness from Pink Chalk Studios and this month is was Vintage Modern. Can't wait to play. Your Ruby quilt looks perfect.

  4. I've always eyed off Ruby, it's so pretty. Your quilt is looking very pretty. Oh my gosh - your dog is the absolute cutest!! She is gorgeous xxx

  5. Hello! I wound up here at your blog via Toni (hoosier toni blog) and I'm subscribing now! You make such beautiful things and I love love love your patterns.

  6. So cute! I really love that all their collections go together too. Can't wait to see it finished.