Saturday, April 7, 2012

Taking some heat

This week I received some harsh criticism 
regarding the dry night deal that my daughter and I made.
And, like anyone else who's been in my position, I wanted to basically go fetal.
For some reason, I have been under the impression that anyone with children
has most definitely dealt with night time accidents.
Ain't no shame in it!
There certainly isn't in our home.
So if I offended or hurt anyone's feelings 
I am deeply, deeply sorry.
And if for any reason I came across as unkind toward my daughter 
I want to declare, right here on my little blog, that this particular issue 
causes no strain between us.
With 5 kids, her being the 4th, I've been going through wet nights for 13 years now.
I'm pretty used to it.

So instead of going fetal,
I'm gonna get out of town for Easter/Spring Break

I made these Easter baskets for my kids this week.
There's only about a million other things that I needed to be doing instead.
But I couldn't resist!
This is a new pattern by Nova from A Cuppa and a Catchup.
And they are so much fun to make!
It's a total steal at $7.95 for the pattern 
because it basically has 3 patterns for the price of one.
I think I'll make some for Mother's Day presents.

Happy Easter to you all!
Thanks for stopping by.

p.s. I deleted the dry night deal post incase you were wondering what on Earth I'm talking about.


  1. You are their momma and you know exactly how each one operates and how each situation needs to be handled. Nobody should criticize you for situations they don't understand. Have a wonderful Easter! Your baskets are fantastic!

  2. Beautiful baskets. Love the colors. Best thoughts from a fellow Mom with a sweet and wonderful son who is incontinent day and night. He needs some help and at age almost 9 he is very motivated now so he will start treatment next month. People judge what they don't understand.

  3. oh friend! i am so sorry! it makes me sad that people would give you a hard time about that! i am a firm believer of if you don't have anything nice to say don't say it at all!!! i loved eholst's comment! i will buy you lunch in a couple weeks and we can chat! xoxoxo now, go eat the chocolate you filled those adorable baskets with!!!

  4. Can't believe someone would criticise you. How rude and thoughtless.
    I absolutely love your baskets Lu. LOVE them. Your fabrics are so happy and fun. Totally cute xxx

  5. I so agree with everyone else's comments. How ridiculous and rude that someone would criticize you for a situation they know nothing about. Just keep on keeping on, mama. You are doing an excellent job! And those baskets! I absolutely love the colors/fabrics you used. I keep looking at the baskets I made for my kids from that same pattern and like yours so much more!! Hope you are having a fabulous Easter!

  6. It's difficult sharing personal ideas and moments with the entire world. You were generous of heart to share a part of your life. I've considered starting a blog, but I do not think I'm brave enough (yet) to accept any criticism or judgement. I do hope that you will continue to be brave enough; I find your blog full of inspiration and great ideas. The fact that you have FIVE children and still find time to have such beautiful projects and energy for life, was one of the reasons I picked your blog to follow. Thanks for having an open heart and I'm sorry that you were hurt.

  7. I'm so sorry someone was mean to you! I missed the whole thing.
    But like the others have said, you know your kiddo the best. You are their mom and a great one at that! You are wonderful.

  8. I'm with eholst on this. Only you know your family's situation, your relationship with your child, and what works best in your home. I think it's too bad that the bloggy world has become a place where people (who I think would hold their tongues in real life) feel a need to spew criticism.

    Happy Easter to you! Hope you have a wonderful break!

  9. I'm sorry people criticized. I'm always in shock over how mean, judgmental and harsh some women can be towards each other, especially moms. Makes me sad. Only you know how your family dynamics work! Stay strong! I'm cheering you for dry nights!

  10. So sorry you had to deal with negative comments. I will never understand this part of the blog world! I guess I always take the moto "If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't day anything at all" to heart.

  11. So sorry! Nobody understands but you. Never in my wildest dreams did I ever think that as a mom I would have to be so worried about bladder and bowel issues. It's been an issue (all different in their own way) with all three of my children. Keep doin' what you're doin', you're great at it! Love the baskets!

  12. I'm so sorry! Like many others have said no one really knows how hard it is until you have had one for yourself! I know my 1o year old has a problem with it and it get so frustrating changing sheets everyday! Good luck and I hope you had a happy Easter and awesome spring break!!!!!

  13. P.S. the baskets are AMAZING!!!! Your sewing skills always amaze me :)

  14. You know, I read your post about bed-wetting and was actually encouraged. My 6 year old still struggles and it has been tough for her. She has even been "banned" from a certain friend's house until she "can control herself" as if she just does it for fun! No one ever talks about this issue!! You didn't go into detail, but what you shared helped me, and I thank you!!

    Beautiful baskets, too, btw :o)

  15. I just found your blog tonight and although I wish I could have read the post that your talking about in all honesty I don't think I would say anything different. Your blog is amazing and the things you make are stunning. The fact that you have 5 kids and still have a beautiful blog like this makes you super woman in my eyes. I can't speak from much experience about bed wetting, I only have 1 little girl but every mother knows what's best for her bub. Keep up the great work, super mum!