Tuesday, April 17, 2012

I already have a job

I have to remind myself from time to time that I have a job.
A 24 hour MEGA full time job!

Being a mother is not for wimp's!
Do you agree?
Now, I would never say that my job is harder 
than anyone else's because I have a big family.
In fact, I think having 1-2 kids is way harder than 4-5 kids.
My hats off to all Mother's!

That's why I don't take custom orders.
*I do have someone I refer people to though*
I have found that as my kids get older they need even more supervision.
I mean, older kids can find much worse trouble than the powdered sugar in the pantry.
It's important to be present and available.
I just can not spend all of my time with my nose 
buried in my machine sewing for strangers.

every now and then I get a request that I just can't turn down!

A super sweet expectant Mom asked me would I 
please, pretty please make her a quilt using them??
Uh.... Yeah!
I think I had ordered the fabric before I could even respond with a yes!
I really love making baby quilts.
And it's always extra motivating when someone dangles
 pretty little fabrics before my eyes.
On top of that, it was excellent timing.

She requested my Nina pattern.
It's been pieced, top stitched and now it's ready for binding.
And since it's raining, it's a great day to bind!
I hope someone has sunshine somewhere today!


  1. Very pretty, and you are so right about moms...we do have a tough and rewarding responsibility. I once had a woman who had no children ask me what I did for a job. I said I stayed home and raised my 4 sons...she responded by saying, "what do you do all day?" Duh, she obviously had no clue what we do all day. But, she found out a few years later when she had her daughter and she is still finding out new things to this day and her daughter is 21!

  2. that quilt is wonderful - love the fabric! and thanks for the reminder that i am doing something even though i stay at home with my kids. i often feel like i need to be doing lots of other things, because i am home. like the comment above, "what do i do all day?" some days i feel like i get breakfast ready and before i know it's time for evening prayers! after reading your thoughts... maybe we should have 3+ kids. :) what a good lookin' bunch of kids you have too!

  3. Lu - it looks gorgeous!!
    Good luck with the binding - hope you get it all done today.
    And personally I think you have it much harder than me as I have 2 teens. xxx

  4. I totally agree. I love knowing how you handle life, and your family is beautiful. Thank you for sharing!!! These are the exact things I've been wondering about as we've been thinking of expanding our family soon and I wonder how mom/bloggers I admire handle all the different things they do. This is a post of great help to me!

    And the quilt is beautiful, the fabrics are so great! Here's hoping for a productive rainy day for you. We have sunshine (and allergies) here. Thanks Lu!

  5. Your kids are so adorable Lu! The love quilt.

  6. Beautiful fabric for the quilt! Binding is, I think, my favorite part of quilting. I'm not sure why. And what a great picture of your children. I have two little ones and I am always amazed at Moms that have more!

  7. Lu, your children are beautiful! It's hard to imagine them getting into too much trouble when they look so innocent like that, isn't it? I think it is great that you make them your priority. But I can definitely see the draw in working with that fabric! So cute and perfect for a little guy's first quilt. I picked out that 2D Zoo fabric the other day to start a quilt for a good friend who is expecting their first boy. I love the complementary fabrics in the bundle you are using!