Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The worst thing that ever happened to my thighs...

Pinterest is killing me!
Here are just a few of my "I pinned / I did" items (notice that none of them are crafts)...
 that I am posting this I am seeing a real chocolate and lasagna trend here.
People!  You have got to stop pinning such deliciousness!
I simply don't have the willpower to withstand.
I f you want to be a chubby chubster like me click on the pictures for the recipes.


  1. The food photography on Pinterest is so good I can almost smell the deliciousness!

  2. Lu...meeting you at Sewing Summit has added caused me to gain weight! You're killing me with your Pinterest pins! But thanks for the leads, you never know when I might have a weakness and need those s'mores cookies!

  3. Hahah I have half of those things pinned on mine too! Under "sweet treats" aka things I should probably never make

  4. lol, those pretzel kiss mm things are easy to make and everyone loves them except me!, which is great. I just don't love pretzels??

  5. Yum! These each look SO good! I haven't gone too crazy with pinterest, yet, but I'm sure when I do I'll be pinning all sorts of recipes!

    Cute blog! Love your fabric choices for your quilts!

  6. i've made those s'mores cookies and let me just say...DONT DO IT. you'll be hooked forever! and the cookie dough is to die for. we all love it over here.

    stopping by from danielle's blog! new follower :)