Monday, October 24, 2011

and it begins....

Basketball season has officially begun!
I will be all consumed by more than 6 practices and at least 5 games a week, 
sometime's on opposite sides of town!
It is true, we are a basketball family.
Even my little girl plays.  

And as much as I am dying to finish my Swoon quilt I really love cheering for my gang!
So production may be slowing down a bit for a while...
Oh, who am I kidding!
I have been working at a snail's pace for months ;-)
But, I only have 1 more block to go!

This is a terrible picture taken with my phone.
I will say that I wish I had used more solids. 
Somehow, when you mix a solid with a barely there print (below) it looks like an entirely different block.  And I dig that! 

I really really really love this pattern!
If this is in your to do list move it up to the top!


  1. That photo of your boys ready for some hoops is a fun one. I remember those days. With 4 boys, all playing sports I had bleacher butt for about 18 years! Sometimes, between ice hockey, water polo, volleyball and basketball we would have 9 different games on a weekend! But, I wouldn't change a minute of it. Fun times! Love your swoon blocks.

  2. Diane,
    My goodness! 9 games per weekend?!? I'll bet you had bleacher butt :-)

  3. Love that picture of your boys! They have there game face on. The swoon is looking awesome! I have yet to show my 3 swoon blocks that are complete. I need to catch up with you now!

  4. Love that shot of your boys! Totally intimidating! And your Swoon is looking fabulous, too. You're right, that block is very cool. Maybe that is why my favorite is the one on the far right in the same row? It is going to be a stunner when you get the time to finish it!

  5. I love the pic!!
    I need to get swoon. And then fabric. But it's on the list!

  6. It is an awesome pattern and the photo of the boys is awesome.

  7. Love the pictures - your girl is gorgeous!! And I love your Swoon quilt - I need to start on mine. I hear you about sports - only ours is soccer and is ALMOST over - yeah!!

  8. I finally had enough and ordered the pattern the other day. Can't wait to get started! I think yours is beautiful!

  9. Hello - weeks later and I'm finally going through all the blog links/business cards from the Sewing Summit -- welcome to my google reader! :) I just started on my swoon quilt and have two blocks done. I'm itching to go cut fabric for another block in a few minutes!! :) It was nice to meet you at the Summit!

  10. time to hand piece some quilt tops?? i love your swoon. i have got to get that pattern.

  11. oh lu! your swoon is soo pretty and i understand the snails pace. i am right there with you, although you are waaaay ahead of me! i have promised myself that i will finish three more blocks by saturday! lovely quilt. ADORABLE KIDS!