Monday, October 10, 2011

Here's what I learned...

I had a spectacular time at the Sewing Summit!
If you missed it this year start planning to go next year right now!

Now, here's where I apologize....
I didn't take any pictures.
I gave myself permission to just be there and soak it all up without worrying about my camera.

I took amazing classes!  
For instance, I took a class on Color Theory from Jeni.

Go here for a little taste of what we learned.

I also took a class from Vanessa on How to Photograph Your Creations.
She's a bit of a genius if I do say so!

Surprisingly, I loved my applique class!
Surprised because I don't love applique, don't tell anyone though.
I think it's very cute and all, but I LOVE a soft snuggly blankie more!
Natalia and her Mom have devised this amazing technique that takes all of the stiff quality out of applique.

Go here to check it out!

And my main reason for going was to take the Free Motion Quilting Class from Allison.
You know what I learned?  That I don't suck at FMQ, my machine does!

She was fantastic!  
And her quilts are amazing.  She had so much to share with us.
Definitely worth it!

I also had the opportunity to hang with my old neighbor Emily of Crazy Old Ladies.
She pretty much kept me laughing all weekend!

WOWZA, I look so orange!  
I swear it's the lighting in the room and not some kind of sunless tanner.  Bleh!

I also met Cindy from Spin the Bobbin and adored her instantly!
I hope she comes again next year.

Okay, okay I realize this post is very long.
I'm out of pictures anyway :-)


  1. So glad I met you Lu! It was a fun weekend.

  2. I'm glad I met you too. I wish I would have taken more pictures with people. I didn't take a single one!

  3. I think we sat next to each other in the Improv Piecing class :) I don't think we ever had a chance to introduce ourselves, so I am really happy that I stumbled upon your blog. Your quilt designs are really lovely! I've added you to my reader so I can keep up with you until the next Sewing Summit!

  4. I know I'm a bit late, but it was such a pleasure meeting you at The Sewing Summit! :)