Monday, March 28, 2011

Max and Whiskers

My goodness, I haven't blogged in so long!
I haven't had 2 seconds to pop into any of my fave blogs
much less, a chance to actually post something on mine.
I have been BURIED in work!
That's a good thing right?
I have 5 twin quilts in my lineup right now. 
That's enough work to keep me busy for the next 8 weeks.
On top of that, I have been taking this amazing online class.

In the meantime, I've got a new pattern in my store!
So exciting for me!
I only have a bajillion patterns swimming around in my brain. 
I just don't have the time to realize them into an actual quilt right now.
Just this one will have to do for now.

I sewed this quilt in the Moda Max and Whiskers line.  The graphics are so cute!  Especially since they are paired with such a modern colorway.  And I LOVE the micro doggy bones.  They are the perfect scale for the binding.

This quilt is for sale in my etsy shop right now.
The pattern can be found here!

*Photography by Peekaboo Photos *


  1. I kind of randomly found my way here -- but just have to say I love your quilt -- the pattern is such a nice match for the Max and Whiskers line, echoing the circle motif in one of the fabrics. Great job on this quilt.

  2. Loving your circles in this quilt.
    I'm making the Quilty 365 Circles at the moment.