Tuesday, March 1, 2011

A snail's pace

I've not spent much time with my sewing machine in the last 2 weeks.
My poor husband has been deathly ill!

Even a 2 a.m. trip to the Emergency Room and a CT scan couldn't tell us what was wrong with him.
We finally discovered last Saturday that he has 3 large kidney stones.
I have been spending all of my time trying to keep him comfortable.
It's so hard to see the people you love so much be in such terrible pain!
I'll be back once this thing passes, literally.
And I promise I have some great stuff to post!


  1. Hi Lu, I hope that your husband is getting better soon!

  2. My husband dealt with this right after Thanksgiving - the doc gave him Motrin 800mg and Flomax and told him to drink lots of water. A few weeks went by with a few major episodes of pain. His brother's wife then suggested drinking coconut water as this helped his brother pass a recent stone. We were skeptical, but desperate. It worked! Whole Foods sells frozen coconut water that tastes pretty good compared to the shelf-stable kind. 24 hours after drinking about 2 cups, he cought the stone (broken into a few pieces) in the strainer. Coconut water supposedly works to break up the minerals common in kidney stones...worth a try. Hope he feels better soon.

  3. oops - just saw that this was from last year! I came here via pinterest admiring your beautiful quilts. Cheers!