Tuesday, April 9, 2013


Hi there!  I'm back!
Sorry I've been gone so long.  I do have good reason(s).
They're really quite boring though.  
I'm sure you don't want to hear my blah blah blah's.

Instead, I'll just dive into what's happening right now....
I'm still working on that Matilda Jane Quilt.
I'm just about done with the twin sized top.
This quilt is labor intensive!

But it's fun.
I just need to take a lot of breaks, ha ha!

Also, I enrolled in 2 Craftsy classes last night.....

Craftsy is having a really great sale right now.
(I think it ends tonight)
I couldn't decide which one so I just enrolled in them both!

Anyway, I'm coming around today to see what you all have been up to.
I've missed so much!
Can't wait to see what you're working on!


  1. The quilt is coming along:-) I really want to try a craftsy class. I think I will sign up too!

  2. I love how the quilt is coming! It looks wonderful! And it'll be really cool to see what you learn from the Craftsy classes. I'm super tempted to go poke around but am on a spending diet...for the moment ; ) Hope you've been well!

  3. That quilt is looking Amazing Lu!! And both those classes look fab. Enjoy xxx

  4. Funny you posted today because I was just going to email you and make sure you are ok.
    I am watching Leah Day's class now too and I was lucky enough to meet her at Sew South. She's a very inspirational speaker.

  5. Hi there, it's Heather (your long lost Colorado friend) love your blog. We need to get together and sew! Let me know what you think of these classes. I have been wanting to take one. Keep in touch!