Wednesday, December 7, 2011

To keep or not to keep?

Lemme' lay this on you....
I ordered this rug from Company C to put under my dining room table.

I worked really hard and saved my pennies for a looong time!
Once I got it home and put it under my table it looked terrible with my hardwood floors.
This rug requires a gorgeous uber dark hardwood floor.
And guess what.... no returns on special orders.

Plan B?
It actually looks totally perf in my downstairs family room!

Forgive me for not closing the closet doors or even waiting for good lighting.  
I was in a hurry :-)

Anywhoodle, here's my dilemma...
75% of the time this room is occupied by loads of kids playing xbox on the big screen.  
Only on the weekends do we hang out downstairs as a family.

Do I dare keep this expensive rug downstairs 
or should I come up with a new plan B?
And before you speak, refinishing our hardwood is on the list but it's pretty low.

Please advise....


  1. Yes, keep! Presumably you were okay with little spill if it was going to go in your dining room. So, I say keep it. It looks great.

  2. If you love it, you should keep it. Someday you may want to move it upstairs. It's a nice addition to the family room and you'll enjoy it every time you're down there.

  3. Keep. What is the alternative, not use it? Use, enjoy, relax!

  4. Isn't that so frustrating when things you buy for your home don't work out as you had planned. But I must say, I totally agree with the ladies above...keep it!! I love it in this room. Looks like it was made to go there. :-)

  5. My mom always said that her family was the most important people in her life. We never had "company china" cause her company was us. We were the special people. So I say keep it.
    Yes it's expensive but your family is worth it.

    Plus what are your other options? Sell it on craigslist for like 20% of what you paid? Second, it looks FABULOUS in your AWESOME room!

  6. keepit, it's beutiful and will last a long time since you do not go downstairs much. or, you could send it to me. Wink, wink!

  7. keep keep keep. it is beautiful and will get much love if it is a room that is always occupied! :)

  8. Keep it! It looks fantastic in that room! I love the rug, by the way!

  9. KEEP IT!!! or send it to me! LOL I love it!

  10. I think it looks great :) I am your newest follower! Please come check out my blog and follow me too.