Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Label it!

I died when I saw these labels!

I mean, seriously, there aren't better words.
*unfortunately I have no source for these labels.  
The link takes you to a dead end Etsy page, sorry*

Quilts are my favorite way to say I love you!
So I just had to have some for all of the quilts I make for my loved ones.
I have top secret plans to make a new quilt for my husband using Curious Nature 
(since my kids have taken over the last quilt I made for him).

I really wanted to use the circle heart thingy from my regular labels.
So I had some printed up from my usual Twill Tape Guy.

I also adore these labels!

It's kinda rude but oh so true!
I think for now I'll just enjoy the idea of them.

*click on the picture to go to the source*


  1. I'm having a hard time leaving a comment...

    Let me try again. Those are so cute. Thanks for sharing. I really need to get some :)


  2. those are great! may need to get some too. :)

  3. Those labels are great! I need to get some to put on my own quilts.

  4. I totally laughed out loud at the "this took forever" label. I think I might need to make me some of those!
    Thanks for the link to a good twill tape person!

  5. I totally need to get some labels made and these are awesome!