Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Is it over already???

I can't even believe that my kids will be heading back to school in less than 2 weeks!
This year all 5 of my kids will be in school.
Yes, I've put my baby H in preschool so he won't be sick of me.
I'll miss him so!

On a related matter, I just looooove these idea's for teacher gifts.
You know..... this world is FULL of creative geniuses!
Everyone is brilliant in their own right.

Alphabet bean bags
Hudson's preschool teacher would wear the threads out of these!
image from pinterest

Crayon Wreath
Need I say more???
image from pinterest

Seriously so fun!
Now I just need an idea for a junior high teacher.
Got any?

*click on the pinterest links to find original sources and tutorials*


  1. that wreath is so cute but i can't stop laughing at the idea of hanging it on my door and then finding a gigantic puddle of colorful wax on my doormat at the end of the day. i'm so hilarious. everyone is laughing. and i hate arizona.

  2. Most teachers love something that is exclusively for them... if it's a female teacher than handmade bags never go astray, phone socks (But you need to know what kind of phone they use), funky pencil cases, even ceramic mugs/platters painted by the child are great. I have both of the latter, and I treasure them. I also got spoilt one year - a parent gave me an Oroton change purse and mirror... 8 years later I am still blown away, and remember the message that was sent with it. I remember every time I use it.

  3. Thanks Seaweed and Raine! I usually think of things that would be helpful to them in the classroom. You are so right! A handbag would be especially fun.