Tuesday, December 21, 2010


One of Brook's partners added another boy to their brood over the weekend, Zeke.
We made him this quilt. That's right, I said "we".
Brook helped me by cutting out all 64 pieces for this quilt top.
I even had him sew a little :-)
Alot of the time my favorite part of the quilt happens to be the back.
Especially with this quilt.
Just look at those darling carnival tickets! LOVE!

Sometimes it is very hard to keep from getting attatched to my projects.
I reeeaaally love how this quilt turned out!
These retro primary colors mingled with black are just way too much for me!

But it's always a lot easier when it goes to people you love.
Welcome Baby Zeke!


  1. so, you already have Brook stylin' your hair occasionally, NOW he's helping you quilt??? where does his goodness end? freak. i'm jealous. LOVE this quilt, the black prints on the back are adorable! totally understand the challenge of giving away stuff you make, i feel that way all the time with my paintings etc. i'm lovin' this 'for the love' thing you have going on - so fun to follow your projects!

  2. Lu -- I love love LOVE this quilt so much! I've just been reading your blog for a couple of months, but absolutely adore your style. Is it too much to hope for this quilt pattern to go in the shop? I would love to buy it and the google eyes one together!

    Love to see your family growing! ~ Natalie