Thursday, December 23, 2010

Cait the Great!

Cait is the darling 12 year old who lives across the street from me.
She comes over every Friday for sewing lessons.
Each time she learns a new block technique.

Cait chose these Fabulous Fifties prints to work with.
She completed all of her blocks so we put them together to make one
fabulous granny chic quilt!

A quilt is more valuable if it is labeled with a name and date so I added this square as a keepsake piece. Since this entire quilt is machine sewn it is bound to endure many many years of use.

I so adore Cait!
As a Christmas surprise I decided to hurry and sandwich and stiple her quilt.

This little hourglass square didn't make the cut for the front. I thought it would be a cute subtle touch to add to the back.

She'll be suprised to see that it's in the quilt afterall :-)

Cait used to come over and just watch me sew day after day. I don't normally teach sewing lessons but how could I resist? She has been such a fun student!
I can't wait to wrap up her finished quilt and give it to her for Christmas!

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  1. Lu, i think this is so cool & so sweet of you to teach Cait all these blocks, and then put the quilt together for her - you are a sweetheart! i'd love Kiana to do this with you, she could even pass off some personal progress or something... if you would consider it, let me know. :)