Sunday, December 9, 2012

The shame!

I don't normally make any Christmas presents.
I feel horribly guilty about this when I see 
all of my quilty friends making such lovely things.

Christmas is pretty stressful on it's own without adding to it 
the anxiety of sewing late into the night 
So I just don't.

But that all changes this year!
I am making, not one, but two rather large quilts 
for loved ones this year.
First up.....

I spent some time on Saturday basting this quilt
since it was horribly cold and gray outside.
I have had these fabs on ice for the last 2 years.
I won't say who it's for just incase.

Now it's time to get busy top stitching!
Thanks for popping in :-)


  1. So cool. I love the little sneak peek.

  2. don't you just love this pattern. I have made three of them and love them all!

  3. With 5 little ones I can sort of understand.... I only have two and stille struggle to find time. II always try to sneak in a quilt or two though and then some small extra handmade things like little bags or key holders.

  4. I don't usually make presents either. I'll bake things to give to neighbors, but don't really do the making as in sewing gifts for people either. I sooo want to try that giant star, yours looks wonderful in that collection!