Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Must be crazy....

Man, I am really slacking on the technology front!
Life is crazy busy and I just haven't had 2 seconds to sit down at the computer.
Aside from the usual holiday hustle and bustle (as 
well as my boy's crazy game/practice schedules) I decided
to take a custom order.
It's probably not the best time to do it but I couldn't resist!

I love working on projects where I have 
a lot of creative liberty with the fabrics.
Especially when they are baby quilts.

This quilt has bit pieces of Garden District, Nicey Jane, 
Vintage Modern, and Marmalade in it.

She wanted a very simple pattern with lots of white in it.

I'm really torn!
Should I bind this quilt with white binding?
Or should I use the yellow stripe?
I'm a huge fan of striped bindings buuuuuuut.......
It feels like it might be a real shame to interrupt all of that clean framework.
Thoughts anyone?


  1. Huge fan of striped bindings here too! However, I think this time keep a white binding. The quilts gorgeous-ness is its simplicity and clean lines. Maybe the striped binding would just interfere with this?

  2. I vote yellow stripe! It's a light color and not a crazy print so it will frame it nicely without being distracting - in my opinion :)

  3. Oh this is beautiful!! I think the yellow stripe would be perfect!! I don't think it'd take away from the white at all. I bet it'd highlight it even better!! This is gorgeous, so gorgeous!!

  4. Well, I did a white binding for the first time a little while ago, on this quilt: (which incidentally was inspired by a quilt that you had made!) and I LOVE how it turned out.

  5. I vote yellow stripes :) I think the white would be too much white....but that is just my opinion. Either would be good since the quilt is so lovely :)

  6. Yellow stripes! I think it would frame it nicely.

  7. Well, my vote makes it a 50/50 decision for you.I vote white. This quilt is very sweet and lovely, perfect for a baby. Hope you are well. xo

  8. This is sweet and fresh. I think the striped yellow binding would be ideal. I think it would provide a subtle highlighting of the white. And I fear that purely white bindings are more likely to show dirt than the interior white parts. I don't know why that is. I know there is some physics behind that reality but don't ask me to explain it. It just is and I think that's why we don't often see white bindings.

  9. It is so gorgeous Lu. I'd go with the striped binding.

  10. It is gorgeous! I would definitely go with yellow strips binding to highlight the whole quilt.