Monday, April 4, 2011

What would you do?

Sasha, really hates having her own room.

She doesn't like being alone at night.
Now she and Hudson are roomates.
Infact, they'll probably be roomates until Sasha decides that she needs her privacy.
(When does that start for girls?)

I love Sasha's room! 
I love her paint and her chandelier.

And her quilt is so vintage classic.
(I didn't make it by the way.  I saw it. had to have it. the end.)

BUT....I believe everyone should have a space that's theirs.
This room certainly doesn't welcome any boys.

So, I'm considering a re-do.

Here's where you come in.
I need your advice.
I have lots and lots of readers but very few comments.
So speak up!

Do I save all of these things until she's has her own room again?
How long will that take?
Or do I sell it all?  The chandelier?
I love the chandelier.
Actually, I love it all.
But I hate hoarding things because of "maybe."
Please advise...


  1. Well, you know me, Lula... I would buy anything and everything from you if you decided to sell, however - maybe you and Brook should just bite the bullet and try for número six and hope for a girl. Problem solved! I really should get a degree in this stuff.

  2. I have no idea when girls start to desire their own privacy but my guess would be somewhere around 11 based on my younger sister, who is now thirteen and frequently locks herself in her room.
    My daughter is only 9 months though, so I have no idea....
    However- I would be excited to have the opportunity to re-do and I'm just itching to get to pick out new things for my son's room.
    Is there a fabric line that accommodates both boys/girls? What about Heather Ross far far away? You could use the owl/pussycat for Hudson & the Rapunzel for Sasha.... and make them both coordinating quilts.
    You could hang onto the chandelier for when she has her own room but I don't know that I would keep it in the room that Hudson will be in. If you did- I would definitely paint it.
    anyway.... just some thoughts.... I wonder if my little boy & girl will want to share a room when they get a little older.... I think that's really sweet of your kiddos!

  3. That chandaleir is SO dang cute if you sale I want to buy it :)

  4. I love everything about this room. It is so girly! I would have a very hard time taking it all down! I have been wanting a chandaleir just like this for my daughter's room. I would have to keep it all just as is :)

    I just discovered your blog tonight and think I read it all! I love your quilts and am sooo inspired!!! Thanks!

  5. I'd say hang onto it for now. You can always sell it later but once it's gone it's gone. I hate when I think I put something in storage and find the perfect place for it months later only to realize I got rid of it. I HATE clutter and junk so for me to say keep it, it's serious ;)

  6. I would save it Lu. However, if you decide to sell all of it...I KNOW the perfect home. *wink wink*

  7. Hold onto it!!! She will definitely come around soon after having Hudson in the same room as her. I have 2 girls and 2 boys, and my youngest 2 (my daughter and son) used to sleep together all the time a few summers ago, but then my daughter got real sick of my sons messiness, and i think she just got annoyed, so she eventually kicked him out of her room, ha. Definitely keep it. The stuff is too cute!

  8. I don't know how old your daughter is, but mine wanted her own room when she was 8. (Although she still frequently has sleepovers with her sisters in the room to next to hers.) Love all the stuff, and it could definitely be used when she was older. I need to find some light fixtures like that for my girls rooms!

  9. Thanks guys :-) I think I'll just keep it until I know for sure that she doesn't want to go back to it later.
    Shannon, I tried to click on your profile but it was a dead end. I bought this chandelier from Lowe's. It used to be black but I had a custom color of pink put into spray cans. I primed it, then sprayed it. Pretty easy!

  10. Pottery Barn just did a "shared spaces" thing with kids' rooms -- if you haven't seen it, I think I have a copy. Shoot me an e-mail if you want it -- I'm at joelandnatalie [at] yahoo

  11. Thanks! I'm going to go look at Lowes!

  12. My two girls share a room right now, they are 4 and 9. We are moving soon and they will each have their own room. My 9 year old is in heaven,all she talks about is her own room, my 4 year old...not so much. I would definatly save it,its waaaay too cute to get rid of. And, you can always sell it later. PB kids has some super cute boy/girl room ideas.